Solo-play micro-games with powerful learning impact. Asynchronous and played anywhere.

Facilitated long-form group games for teams. Synchronous and played in person or over video call.

Multiplayer micro-games with engaging competition. Asynchronous and played anywhere.


OntheJob’s online platform enables anywhere access to our game-scenario portal and dashboard features.

Our Experience Transfer games facilitate critical thinking practice and situational awareness training through engaging story-based scenarios that focus on rapid competency development and learning retention.

  • Play the games
  • Transfer tacit knowledge
  • Measure retention through data visualization
  • Self-author organizational lessons-learned scenarios
  • Sample the pre-developed content channels and grow your collective experiences into shared knowledge capital





OntheJob proved to be a useful tool used in secondary schools for demonstrating avalanche and backcountry safety through other people’s real experiences. Students enjoyed playing the game in teams and were fully engaged.

Shannon Werner

Education Outreach Coordinator, Avalanche Canada

Sproule concludes our 5-day Evaluation of Oil & Gas Properties course with an OntheJob scenario-based game, in which different professionals apply their learning to a factual historical hostile takeover. OntheJob ensures the students have a memorable interactive experience that introduces a pivotal industry-changing story. For us, it’s about passing on critical lessons from generation to generation.

Hayley Silberg

Training Manager, Sproule

I would play this game with friends on a Friday night!

Financial Professional

Perfect, and fun!

Reservoir Engineer

The game was fun and collaborative. It worked as a good summary to everything we learned.

Associate Director of Group Risk Management

The game was deadly!

Manager of Accounting and Reporting

This is the perfect way of learning about an intergenerational story.

Financial Professional

Awesome game, and it lead to improved knowledge, over and above the lectures.

Assistant VP Corporate Banking