At OntheJob, we believe that telling people what to think will not lead to behavioural change. To truly transform, people must repeatedly face experiences that contradict old beliefs.

OntheJob’s Mission

As the only story-based Experience Transfer platform in the world, our mission is to rapidly accelerate learner competency development in any subject.

OntheJob’s Vision

We will be an AI-powered learning platform that will increase operational wisdom and long-term knowledge by 70%.

OntheJob Values


Accelerated peer-to-peer learning from our most valuable mistakes.

Low-Cost Customization

Our self-authoring tools allow partners and customers to build their own inventory of organization-specific, even role-specific, game-based scenarios at a fraction of the cost of typical learning initiatives. This is because this low-cost customizable learning solution uses content that already exists: your own experiences.


Augment any existing learning program by adding OntheJob as an engagement boost for:

  • Distributed learning (solo or multiplayer games)
  • Remote training
  • Classroom training

Data Capture

Engage your workforce on a whole new level through Experience Transfer to generate workforce leading indicator data and behavioural insight.


Together with our content partners, OntheJob is creating browsable, on-demand game-play scenario channels that fulfill critical thinking practice and situational awareness training in fundamental, critical and emerging competencies.

OntheJob GamePlay MarketPlace COMING SOON.

Global Incident Command Systems holds 150 years of combined expertise in emergency management, incident command and safety training.

Arthur Maxwell is a US-based specialist in scenario-based critical thinking and leadership training.

NorQuest College provides learning opportunities for all in a supportive and inclusive environment providing learners with the skills and confidence to further their studies, begin new careers, provide better lives for their families, and make valuable contributions to society.

Intactix Systems is a safety specialist renowned for ESG capacity building in high-risk industries and organizations.
Coach U provides international leadership coaching and accreditation that offers training and consulting that ignites a leader’s ability to inspire a workforce.

Enta Solutions is your passionate management consulting partner that helps you transform your business to be perpetually epic.