At OntheJob, we believe that telling people what to think will not lead to behavioural change. To truly transform, people must repeatedly face experiences that contradict old beliefs.

OntheJob’s Mission

As the only story-based Experience Transfer platform in the world, our mission is to rapidly accelerate learner competency development in any subject.

OntheJob’s Vision

We will be an AI-powered learning platform that will increase long-term learner knowledge retention by 70%.

OntheJob Values


Accelerated peer-to-peer learning from our most valuable mistakes.
OntheJob is an Experience Transfer software platform that converts profound experiences into game-based micro-learning for the workplace.
Real Life Experiences + Cross Organizational Perspectives + Game Learning + Critical Thinking Practice + Machine Learning = Experience Transfer
Use OntheJob to capture people’s most powerful experiences and transform them into relevant and engaging story-based games, placing learners in the shoes of the storyteller. OntheJob’s combination of gaming, real stories and peer to peer micro-learning generates learner curiosity, critical thinking and ultimately, improved long term retention.

Low-Cost Customization

Our self-authoring tools allow partners and customers to build their own inventory of organization-specfic, even role-specific, game-based scenarios at a fraction of the cost of typical learning initiatives. This is because this low-cost customizable learning solution uses content that already exists: your own experiences.


Augment any existing learning program by adding OntheJob as an engagement boost for:

  • Distributed learning (solo or multiplayer games)
  • Remote training
  • Classroom training

Data Capture

Measure critical thinking skills and long-term knowledge retention before, during and after game-play. The captured data can be integrated with any learning management system.