Founder’s Story

Over 25 years ago, I caused an explosion that put me in the hospital and caused my employer a great deal of cost and embarrassment. While I convalesced in the hospital the president of the company I worked for, a man I’d never met prior to this moment, visited to tell me that when he was starting out in his career he caused a fire that burned down his employer’s flagship operation.

As he stood up to leave he said, “It’s not what you did that counts; what counts is what you do with this experience”.

Since then I have been trying to figure out how to combine authentic professional experiences and game theory to create profound learning. OntheJob is a culmination of that dedication.


Peter Gammell
Founder & President

Sproule concludes our 5-day Evaluation of Oil & Gas Properties course with an OntheJob scenario-based game, in which different professionals apply their learning to a factual historical hostile takeover. OntheJob ensures the students have a memorable interactive experience that introduces a pivotal industry-changing story. For us, it’s about passing on critical lessons from generation to generation.

Hayley Silberg

Training Manager, Sproule