What If

you could turn any experience into game learning?

OntheJob is an online upskilling platform that converts profound experiences to game-based micro-learning for the workplace. Our mission is to rapidly accelerate competency development and achieve a 70% increase in knowledge retention through our interactive scenario-based critical thinking modules.

What If

you could turn any experience into game learning?

OntheJob combines four proven strategies to achieve high learning engagement

Reads Like a Mystery

Real Story
Tap into unique, job-related story twists that evoke curriculum.

Plays Like a Puzzle

Game Theory
Repeatedly confound and contradict false perceptions to change old beliefs.

Acts Like a Simulation

Peer to Peer
Explore interpretations of another’s experience to test situational awareness.

Feels Like Life

Avoid information overload in favour of short experiences from real people.

OntheJob provides critical thinking practice to bring existing training to life.

Workplace Safety

Emergency Response

Cyber Security

Technical Training

Pre-employment Assessment

Your Unique Experiences

OntheJob will accommodate any story.

The OntheJob online platform allows you to turn your best experiences to game-based learning scenarios. Our scenarios augment existing training in classrooms as a collaborative team-based experience, or distributed to individual learners as a solo game for mobile devices. Furthermore, our self-authoring tools allows you to impart operation-specific learning at a fraction of the cost of typical training because you already own the content – your unique experiences.

I would play this game with friends on a Friday night!

Financial Professional

Perfect, and fun!

Reservoir Engineer

The game was fun and collaborative. It worked as a good summary to everything we learned.

Associate Director of Group Risk Management

The game was deadly!

Manager of Accounting and Reporting

This is the perfect way of learning about an intergenerational story.

Financial Professional

Awesome game, and it lead to improved knowledge, over and above the lectures.

Assistant VP Corporate Banking

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