Turn any incident into scenario-based learning.

What we do with our most difficult experiences is what counts. Ensure  hard-won lessons benefit everyone.

OnTheJob introduces a new category of learning called Experience Transfer, which places learners in real situations to accelerate critical thinking, reduce high-consequence mistakes and measure behavioral competency and risk.


Create highly engaging microlearning based on real experiences using our simple-to-use authoring tools.

Transform Organizational Training through Real Life Experiences

Experience a win, a loss, or any learning experience at work.

Self-Author Lessons Learned to Transform Organizational Training

Transform your experience into a scenario with our simple-to-use authoring tools.

Distribute the scenario to your workforce.

Use Onthejob Game Play to Transform Organizational Training

Your scenario appears on learner dashboards. It’s time for them to engage!

Measure Results to Transform Organizational Training

Measure results and trends with comprehensive data and analytics.

​Convert any investigation that captures lessons learned into a simulated scenario that unlocks workforce behavioural insight.


At a time of increased scrutiny on heath, safety and environmental performance indicators and a distinct need to move beyond a check-the-box training mentality, OntheJob is the solution.

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